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Welcome to AkimboCraft!

We are a newly developed server focused on building a friendly, welcoming community for all new players to enjoy. Our store offers a wide variety of in-game perks designed to enhance your gameplay on AkimboCraft. If you have any requests or ideas for in-game perks or ranks, please post them in our Discord's suggestion tab.

With every purchase our team can work with more funds to ensure that you have the best gaming experience possible.


Privacy Policy:

AkimboCraft is committed to keeping your personal information safe. All of our payments are processed via SSL to ensure your payment details are secure. We collect your Personal Information for the primary purpose of providing our services to you. 


Refund Policy:

Due to our funds going directly into improving the server, we are unable to offer refunds to those who request them. On special circumstances we may be able to offer store credit. Attempting to bypass this policy by opening a dispute with PayPal or requesting a chargeback from your bank will result in an instant ban from our server and from Tebex. Being the ecommerce platform that every Minecraft server uses to process payments, this will mean you can no longer purchase anything on any Minecraft server.


Important Information:

You can find more information about ranks by clicking the ‘buy’ button located next to each rank.  Before adding it to your cart, it will come up with a list of things you get upon purchasing your rank.

**If you have made a purchase on our store and it has not gone through within 15 minutes, please contact a staff member in-game or via our discord**


AkimboCraft is not in any way affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB, Notch Development and/or Microsoft Corporation. Minecraft is © and trademarked by Mojang AB 2009-2023.



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